Fieldwork placements came out this morning! If all goes as planned, I’ll have two rehab placements, two pediatric, and a psychiatry placement. I am so happy about them and so looking forward to it.

When I first started to observe occupational therapy, fieldwork was that far-off thing I would do just before becoming an actual occupational therapist. Flash forward a year, and it is here.

Ready to learn as much as possible the next three quarters while three Level I’s take place – two weeks each. The first will be June, the second August/September, the third November. Then it’s time for two Level II’s next year to finish it off, at three months each.

There have been so many days already that I am so glad I followed this dream. I am not yet a practicing occupational therapist, and it will no doubt be hard work – but already, the experience and education I have gotten along the way is invaluable and meaningful to me. I am having a moment – so thankful to be part of such an amazing program and profession. It will be lifelong encouragement to myself to do something no matter what the timeline, or societal expectations, or effort involved. There is something inexplicably intrinsically rewarding about deciding on a goal, pursuing it, and sticking to it. If there is one thing I hope for my life, it is that I live purposefully and intentionally every day. even if that purpose is doing absolutely nothing every once in a while.


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