Supporting Your Child Through Anger, Upset, and Frustration


From the time they are very little, kids begin to experience a wider range of emotion. They are feeling for the first time with the brain capacity they have, making big emotions hard to handle.

Your support in these moments is critical. Helping to be there and let them know it’s okay, validate their feelings, let them know you still love them no matter what.

“If you can struggle, you can live.” It is how they handle the difficult in life that will ultimately help them to be competent, mentally secure beings. It is this riding the wave that is so important for all of life. Being able to accept ourselves for all emotions we have, whether they are positive or the negative that we all have within us. We have to know our loved ones will be here and love us even when we are mad and less than enjoyable, and this helps us to be aware and find healthy ways to manage them.

Upset Boy.jpg


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